Organizing, preserving selecting, tracking and storing at the same time.
With RESTORAGE® now it is possible.

RESTORAGE® is the new logistic system for the organization of electronic components that simultaneously handles: storage, traceability and material selection.
All this, together with the elimination of the waiting times, makes it the fastest in its category.

dynamic location

Thanks to the dynamic manual load operation, the system is independent of robotics, which means that to load a piece RESTORAGE® takes only 5 seconds compared to 15-20 seconds needed for a conventional product.


For pick-up, a traditional cabinet takes 15-20 seconds for a Reel, while RESTORAGE® in 38 seconds selects, discharges and handles 10 Reels, already arranged in a suitable production box that does not include any manual operations.

storage levels

Modularity means units can be added not just alongside each other, but also vertically, by adding 1 to 3 levels. The extra levels are useful for stocking the reels, third party materials and empty containers.

multiple cabinets

Modularity is not to the detriment of speed. The multiple cabinets RESTORAGE® have one single pick-up opening. The operator does not have to move, thus optimizing time and energy.


The RESTORAGE® logistics system is characterized by intelligent, mobile and automatic containers, allowing you to pick up to 10 Reels of various sizes at once. The picked-up material must not be further manipulated, as it is provided in the exact order of use.

relable electronic label

If inside RESTORAGE® there aren’t the Reels required to complete the order, the electronic label RELABLE® provides information on their availability, by virtually communicating with the other cabinets in the factory.


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